Sunday, June 7, 2015

Welcome Agents

Welcome to The Plaza Games aka Assassin!

I am your friendly neighborhood game master and if you are reading this either you are curious about the games or you already signed up and can't wait to get started! If you haven't signed up use this link to sign up before its too late!

 So to begin lets give an overview of rules and regulations;

ONE What is the game Assassin?
- To put it simply this is a survival of the sneakiest game. Each individual will be given a name of an opponent in which they will have to "kill" when they "kill" this target the person will give them the name of the individual they were assigned and report the kill to the Game Master.
For example: If A kills B, and B was after C, the B gives C's name to A because A is now trying to kill C, and either A or B must report the kill to the Game Master to receive points.

TWO How do you know who your target is?
- You will be assigned an target, once you kill your target you will receive their target

THREE How do you "kill" your target?
-You will hit your target with a spoon, how you do this is up to you, but if you throw it you must be within three feet of them otherwise it does not count, if you need council on whether a "kill" is good talk to a moderator or the Game Master. Remember to report your kills and how they died to the Game Master.

FOUR How can I defend myself?
-if someone comes after you and you become a aware that they are after you you may hit them with your spoon and they will be frozen for 20 secs, they must count to 20 out loud as such "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc..." once they reach 20 they can come after you so don't stick around.

FIVE How do a win?
-there are 2 winners to the game, the first winner is the person who lasts to the end without being killed.
-the other way to win is to have the most points at the end of the game you will receive 1 point for every kill, and 2 extra points if you do it with style, the first winner will receive 5 points for lasting to the end.

SIX When am I safe from my Assassin?
You cannot attack during church activites, this includes but is not limited to: All of Sunday from midnight on Saturday to Midnight on Sunday, FHE, Institute, and ward choir or while a person is in class or working, Basically use your digression on when you attack on appropriate times.

SEVEN How do I contact the Game Master?
Text me: 540-848-0304
email me: /
Apartment: N309 ask for Melissa
Have fun and may the spoons be with you!

-Game Master

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