Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Officially we have 20 still alive, in order to finish the game quickly we are making this a death match week. Meaning you must kill a target every 48 hours or you die. I will list those still alive here. Those that die will have you names posted as soon as the time is up.
May the spoons be ever in your favor.

- Game Master

Amelia Pond- Amanda Dingess
683 Run from me- Brooke Tait
Lextasy- Alex Burch
Forrest Gump- Foster Pratt
Brawa- Braden Wake
The Real Slim Shady- Greg Schachterle
Not a Fluke- Todd Fluckiger
Dr. Spoonshank- Brandon Steelhoek
Houdini- Caleb Cranney
Iron Man- Ky Sorenson
MLE- Emily Jones
Come Caca- David Marsh
Hawkules- Carson Hawkes
#11- Sam Jackson
We are Marshall- Christine Marsh
Sheridactyl- Steven Sheridan
Wombat- Bryce Harper
Dances With Wolves- Mishay Mecham
Phoniex- Sara Guryn
 Bass Head- Lorin Zylks

We are Marshall is officially in the lead. Good Luck.