Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Evil(ton) is on a Rampage

Wes has killed two people so far, and thus is the first to have his kills reported.
Wesley Evilton first went after The Yellow Submarine who sadly sank today due to Evilton who while fulfilling his priesthood responsibilities realized that he had a prime opportunity as he left to shake his targets hand and instead of showing comradely stabbed her in the arm. Sinking Yellow Submarine to her watery grave.
Evilton was not done though that day, upon here that Yellow Submarine had been spying on Nick Fury he used his awesome Facebook tracking skills to corner Nick Fury in his own home. After getting past the innocent Youngster Ben, he fought Fury in an epic self defense battle but his grab to save himself doomed him. As Fury grabbed Evilton's arm, Evilton struck his hand, poisioning his to death.
Beware you players many spoons are a foot and Evilton is on the prowl.  

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