Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Officially we have 20 still alive, in order to finish the game quickly we are making this a death match week. Meaning you must kill a target every 48 hours or you die. I will list those still alive here. Those that die will have you names posted as soon as the time is up.
May the spoons be ever in your favor.

- Game Master

Amelia Pond- Amanda Dingess
683 Run from me- Brooke Tait
Lextasy- Alex Burch
Forrest Gump- Foster Pratt
Brawa- Braden Wake
The Real Slim Shady- Greg Schachterle
Not a Fluke- Todd Fluckiger
Dr. Spoonshank- Brandon Steelhoek
Houdini- Caleb Cranney
Iron Man- Ky Sorenson
MLE- Emily Jones
Come Caca- David Marsh
Hawkules- Carson Hawkes
#11- Sam Jackson
We are Marshall- Christine Marsh
Sheridactyl- Steven Sheridan
Wombat- Bryce Harper
Dances With Wolves- Mishay Mecham
Phoniex- Sara Guryn
 Bass Head- Lorin Zylks

We are Marshall is officially in the lead. Good Luck.

Monday, June 15, 2015

List of the Dead- Weeks 1 and 2

These are the names of the fallen so far in the Game....
Byrce Spencer
Cameron Bunting
Johnathan Wagstaff
Brielle Armstrong
Hail Jensen
Reed Guinsinger
Wesley Holden
Spencer Otterly
Kyle Condie
Amy Tingey
Own Banks
Ben Everett
Alex Hugie
Maren Dunlop
Garth Lee
Hunter Lindsey
Robin Smith
Rachel Hansen
Joshua Sterling
Keith Valenzuela
Taylor Mathis
Sam Ross
Jonathan Rodriguez
James Blanch
Chris Schmutz
Dirk Peterson
Josh Kunzler
Quinn Rice
Cambry Slight

31 are dead, 29 remain.... May the Spoons be Ever in your Favour.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

List of the Dead- Week 1

Brielle aka B-Rizzle
Lachelle aka La-money
Bryce Spencer aka Nick Fury
Maren Dunlop aka Yellow Submarine
Garth Lee aka The I-lee-gal
Rachel Hansen aka Indiana Jones
Quinn Rice aka Arrocito
Robin Smith aka Indy
Owen Banks aka Bob Saget
Ben Everett aka Youngster Ben
Josh Kunzler aka Whoville
Reed Guisinger aka Gunslinger
Hailey Jensen aka Paisley
Sam Ross aka Freight Train 6
Amy Tingey aka Tingerbelle
Carol Herrera aka Sam Duke
Chris Schmitz aka Diamond Tooth Jim

FAQ and Answers, Important information.


1. ALL of Sunday
2. FHE, Institute, anytime in which the spirit is supposed to be present
3. While someone is in class
4. While someone is at work
5. NO bathroom kills
6. NO bedroom kills
8. No killing during kill-free times as announced on this blog or on the FB event page.
9. If a person is reporting a kill, resolving an issue etc with the GM that person CANNOT be killed.
Fair warning if you walk around Nude all the time, then GM will disqualify you.


1. Touch the person with a spoon while holding the spoon.
2. Throw the spoon at the person while within 3 feet of them
3. Use a poison spoon, poison spoons can not be thrown, and if they are touched by the target the target is dead, even if the target gets touched on clothing, beware poison spoons.

How do you know if its a poison spoon? Poison spoons must have "poison" a skull and crossbones or some other notifier written or attached to the spoon. If you need to know whether a kill is good or not report it to a moderator of the Game Master who can judge the kill. The Game Master's word is final.


When you kill your target, your next target is their person. For example is Jessica is after Brandan and Brandan is after Teresa, Then when Jessica kills Brandan her new target is Teresa. SO in math terms if A=B and B=C, then A=C, this help???


Report your kills to the game master with three things,
1. The name of the target
2. the Name of the killer
3. How the target was killed
You must report to get points.

When can I report?
-Game Master can receive it via text or in person between 9:30p.m-10:30pm. She can be found either in her apartment N309 or at the pool area. If these times don't work you can make an appointment via text.


1. Yell, attack, or intimidate non-players, while I understand paranoia, if you cause someone else to get upset because you won't chill. I will disqualify you for your mental health and the health of the community.
2. Constantly argue whether you are dead or not, if you have a question on whether a kill was good, talk with the GM because GM gets final say and Will NOT allow constant argument.
3. Use the game as an excuse to hurt people emotionally or physically.
4. Remove yourself from area of play without informing GM of possibly absence. Its just not fair to everyone else who is trying to track you down.
5. Attack during a No Kill time or at a No Kill place cause an unwanted disruption or problems for the Target. I understand if you were Unaware but if you were aware and blatantly disregarded the rules, I will disqualify you.
Disqualification will prevent you from being honored at any Cornucopia meetings, any point wins, and any future play.

-May the Spoons be with you,
Game Master


I need all the kills that have happened reported to me before 8pm tonight, Make sure to 
this report needs to include:
1. the name of the dead
2. the name of the killer
3. how they were killed. 

All those reported will be honored at the Cornucopia meeting. The Cornucopia meeting will happen tonight at 9:30pm in the pool area you will receive information in on a new killing technique, and get to enjoy some "no kill time" together and get to know your targets, make alliances etc... You will have safe passage to this meeting. 

But come at your own risk because you only have 5 secs to return to safety. So make friends wisely, and come out to play. 

Sincerely The Game Master. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Evil(ton) is on a Rampage

Wes has killed two people so far, and thus is the first to have his kills reported.
Wesley Evilton first went after The Yellow Submarine who sadly sank today due to Evilton who while fulfilling his priesthood responsibilities realized that he had a prime opportunity as he left to shake his targets hand and instead of showing comradely stabbed her in the arm. Sinking Yellow Submarine to her watery grave.
Evilton was not done though that day, upon here that Yellow Submarine had been spying on Nick Fury he used his awesome Facebook tracking skills to corner Nick Fury in his own home. After getting past the innocent Youngster Ben, he fought Fury in an epic self defense battle but his grab to save himself doomed him. As Fury grabbed Evilton's arm, Evilton struck his hand, poisioning his to death.
Beware you players many spoons are a foot and Evilton is on the prowl.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Start time, last minute assignments, clarifications.

All assignments have been made and will be handed out tonight, the sign up is now closed, if you want to sign up see me or text me before midnight. The game will start at 15 mins after midnight, that is TONIGHT at 12:15 am.
Also a clarification on safe places, you cannot be attacked in your bedroom or any bathrooms, but you are not safe IN YOU GENERAL APARTMENT even from your own roommate.

Good luck and may the spoons be in your favor.